Neither God nor Rescission are Dead.

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Although there are numerous actions and decisions that call into question whether TILA Rescission is effective and if so, when, the answer is clear even in the 9th Circuit where there are some decisions and even disciplinary actions against those lawyers who promote the interests of their clients by using the direct and clear wording of the Statute, The Regulations, the Appellate decisions and the US Supreme Court, to wit:

(1) Rescission is effective the moment it is mailed. The blowback from the servicer or bank is not a legal response. It can only be a lawsuit that vacates that which legally exists — a cancellation of the note and mortgage, leaving the debt unsecured and the bargaining table leveled almost in favor of the borrower. While this throws those bogus mortgage bonds into turmoil that is not the subject matter for concern in any foreclosure case or case in…

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