Audio Post: About a quest for Romance


Below are several love letters  I recieved from a very lovely looking ladies, from around the world;


I want to destroy my loneliness and find a good person who, like me, wants to share with me the joy of living together and a happy family. I always want something more than there is, and I aspire to it. I can spend the evening, having fun with friends, but I can sit with the book all the evening, but I do both with ease and joy. For me, a person should be beautiful internally and then he becomes more beautiful externally, without exterior beauty nothingness. What do I expect from a man? Difficult question. Most of all, probably, comfort, warmth and reliability. You know what brought me to this site ??? The desire to find your true love. The desire to become happy, and make my loved one happy! And I know that I am ready for this. I am ready for family life and for this serious step.
I had unhappy love. Everything was fine, until he had to go to work abroad. I was upset and depressed, did not want to let him go, but the day came to say goodbye … All the while he was far from me, I was waiting for him. Every week I wrote letters to him, I really missed him, I missed him very much. It took almost a year, he returned home. But to my regret, this is a completely different person. A few days after his return, I found out that my best friend also had letters to him. I was just killed. Double treachery. My friend said that he loves and is not going to retreat, and my already young man said that he is not ready for a serious relationship and wants to live in pleasure. So in one week I lost my boyfriend and girlfriend. They did not work, he was entertained and walked. Now the pain has already passed, I am ready for a new serious relationship. I’m not looking for a prince on a white horse, but, probably, every woman desires to find reliability, mutual understanding, respect and decency in a man.
I work at home . I like what I do. You know, it’s really interesting. Every day new girls come to me and each of them has a story … I really love to listen to them, they share their emotions with me and it’s great. I’m really looking forward to when I meet that same, that single man !!! So that my eyes glow,
ਊnd there was a sparkling smile, I was happy and wanted to fly from love and happiness !!! … It’s priceless!))))))))))
ꂬtually, I’m happy now .. do you know why? Because I had a hope that soon I will smile and my eyes will sparkle with love …. I have a good sense of humor, I am a responsible, hardworking and emotional woman. I like creativity, and I appreciate this trait in other people. I prefer to communicate with clever and polite people. It’s a shame when someone you trust turns out to be an unreliable person. I try to treat others as I would like them to treat me. I’m looking for a person with whom it is interesting to communicate, to whom I can trust and on whom I can rely. I really love traveling, meeting new people, getting acquainted with their traditions and customs, their culture, watching the sights. I also like different styles of music, like rhythmic music, to which you can dance.
Let it be small things, let it be the smallest information about me, but I hope that you will be able to see in me something special. I hope that you are just like me, not like everyone else. That we are two people who are created for each other. I want to know about you! Learn as much as possible … Do not be shy, tell everything about yourself … I really really liked you and I want to get to know you as close as possible … I really hope that you do not mind our acquaintance.
If you want to get to know me better, just write to me, and maybe I’ll be the one you’ve been looking for so long. I will look forward to your letter, and no matter what the answer will be.
If you agree to get acquainted, then I will be happy. If not, then write! I’ll understand everything .
With respect and great sympathy for you

Hi Mario Kenny.
Are you a romantic person? You know some people think that being romentic is equal to old fashion person, and currently romantic is not workingout. I might disagree with that :) As every woman is naturally love romantic, and cant leave it without attention.
How do you usually show to a woman that you like her? Is there any special way you have or you go directly?

HI Mario Kenny, I am really glad to have a possibility to write to you .Actually, I have come recently here with a hope to find my real love! Are you here for the same reason?
Thats why I decided to do my first step.
A little bit a bout myself. My name is ........ I am just easy, down-to-earth, elegant lady with romantic bright soul. I am open and I like new acquaintances and interesting people. I like finding something interesting. Psychology and nature are my passion. I like nature, animals, I grow orchids at home. I work as food technologist, so I keep to healthy style of life. I am kind but self-confident and I know what I want from life. I appreciate sincerity and intelligence in people. I also appreciate people who can be positive and make me smile.
I am looking for my life partner. Actually, I don
t have such criteria. I just want our souls to be close. The inner beauty of a person is the most important for me. I need someone who will take care of me and are not afraid of serious relationships. I am full of energy and I want to share my future with someone special. so, as you see I am calm and romantic lady. My intentions are serious. I hope you will want to know me better as I want to know you closer. With best wishes

Good day dear Mario Kenny
thank you that paid attention to my letter) I want to ask you…do you know what happiness is?in my life were men but none of them could make me happy(really want to change your life for the…home… work everyone is surprised that such a beautiful girl like me and still without a family.I think you also want of constancy in life and true to you person .Who will not turn away from you in difficult times…..wish that my husband was a friend to me,passionate lover in bed)good and loving father to our be behind him as behind a stone wall.Tell about yourself …how you see your future?I will be very glad to your

Dear Mario Kenny,

First of all how are you? Hope all is good…
I saw your profile and you seems like interesting person to me. I think we have a lot of common. Would like to meet you better and see whether i was right or not :)
Im here to find true love. Im sick of pointless relationships, without chemistry. Being single is not hard to me, until find my soulmate.
Hope you will find me interesting to, and give us chance :))

Hello, Mario Kenny!

No matter when and no matter how, but I am sure that we will meet each other in person. My intuition suggests that it could be very soon. I trust my soul and try to listen to my heart. They say that it is the best way to choose your path in life and find your soulmate. I am looking on your profile right now and I am sure that you could be the one that I’m waiting for all my adult life.
Mario Kenny, you could be my Guy, my guide in life. I want to meet down to earth, trustworthy and openhearted person whom I will strive to be the best woman in the world for. Your country is the country where I want to get married and create strong and happy family with my man. My one and only, a man whom I want to share every smile and every tear in my life.

Mario Kenny, I hope that these words from Shakespeare sonnet will touch strings of your soul and you will write to me your sincere answer…
Thy love is better than high birth to me,
Richer than wealth, prouder than garments’cost,
Of more delight than hawks or horses be;
P.S. Hope to meet you in real life… of course in Video chat it will be faster… (Smile)

Best wishes,

Good sunday, Mario Kenny!
How is your weekend going, honey?
I went to the beach this morning, we have a hot weather here today.
Would you swim in the sea with me today? I love swimming. everything is more fun when together. Do you agree?
I am looking at your photo all day and I think to myself: What a wonderful man you are, Mario Kenny!
I wish to be closer to you. Would you like it?
I think we could feel very comfortable with each other. What you think?
I would like to know what is on your mind today? What thoughts do you have?
I think abotu the future, I think about love and affection. I think about all the paqssion I have inside and it waits for being released.
I would share it all with you, honey! Are you ready for it?
I hope you feel the same I feel.
What are you doing today? Any plans?
I am relaxing at home with AC on, cause it is soooo hot here today!
When will you be online? I hope to speak very soon.
Thinking of you!
Here is some photo for you!
Kiss Kiss

your ……………

I am not like any person I know. I think differently than most people. I do not have very much in common with most people. Most people do not quite like me. I dress differently. I make my own clothes. I eat differently. I speak differently. I know that the few people I call my friends have a difficult time, sometimes, to accept me, for who I am or, who I think I am. One fact is certain I was born alone, and I know I shall die alone too, so nothing is important, except life itself, and the life loves me. I know this because it gives me life, it does not hate me. I am not asking for anyone to approve of me, rather I can do this for myself. I will not die if you do not like me, and for sure I will never surrender to any human on this planet less this human is the keeper of my being. I see no reason for all the humans to be the same because each person is unique, why do we all have to like the same things? Because someone else likes those things? I love variety and diversity it makes a life spicy, adds a character, makes life sweet, worth living. I think being an individual is very important for a healthy mind and for healthy living. I was the first boy in my family I had 10 girls who I was the elder of, my sisters and my cousins, the boys hated me, because I did not like sports, when I played ball with them they would kick me around in the mud. I hated that. I am all male but I use makeup on my eyes, eyeliner, yes I do ever so slightly, you would never know it. I paint my hair. As a boy I used purple trousers when the boys used blue. I like what women smell like. I dislike male smells…Why do you want me to be like you? If I am like you who will you be? I dislike wearing the same clothes as someone else. I think that is so embarrassing OMG…If I were to wear the same clothes as someone else I will go back home and change those clothes. YES…


I have had difficult times for the last few days. My quest to find true lov` is filled with hellish moments, the want for passion drives me mad, but I am a hell-strong man. I know what I want, and I have the ability to get it, you give me this strength.


And I thank you so much. I could not do this without you. My heart bleeds with the love I have come to know me. I bathe in this endless love it, makes me clean and most happy. I am seeing the dawn of my life in the afternoon of it.


I am grateful for these amazing feelings, the Fire Dragon in me has been set free, and he spreads his broad wings and plants seeds of fire everywhere.


I am thankful forever for the joy and love my simple life gave me. I will never forget this ease of heart for it so loves me. I love, love it brings to me a content like no other. I want to die in peace only, but live with joy and passion, for this I need help, will you please help me?


I shall never betray you, less I give up who I am. Life gave me unique gifts, and I so wish to share them with you. Love is plural in me, and in every human.


I am again thankful to know and to recognize his love; please do not go away? Please stand by me till the day my last breath stops? The Earth is mine to enjoy; life is a superb, splendid and wondrous gift, given to the people who decided to enjoy living and glorifying it, the life is a special present which when cherished opens like a flower in the early morning. Just think that you are so lucky to have a body and a beautiful one at that.


I am so happy you are here, the greatness is beyond measure, the universal life is so pervasive and kind, all you have to do is love it as it gives you its gifts. I feel sorrow sometimes to think that this life ends and our bodies become old and worthless, but joy does not compete with death, it defeats it. That I have come to learn.


I wish you love I hope life treats you kind and that it grants you all the lovely things your kind heart desires.

Hi how are you today?
I would like to meet you, to become closer to each other.
I would like to tell you about myself.
I recently came to this site, I’m just tired of being alone, I want love and I want a serious relationship.
Now I hope that I will find the second half here.
I have a kind heart, a good sense of humor, I’m hayaystvennaya, active, I love sports, travel, try something new.
In me, a lot of passion I will give you a lot of joy you will be a happy man with me.
I’m not here to play games, I want true love and without deceptions.
I am ready to devote my life to the family, I hope you are looking for a woman like me and how we will get to know each other we will have a lot of chemistry, love and paternity.
I will wait as you write to me.
I hope for our future.
Kisses to you.


Hello there, Mario Kenny!
Since you are here, I expect that you want to find something real and meaningful. Am I right? Are you looking for a loving and honest woman? Well then, you are in luck. Because you don’t need to look for her anymore, I am right here! From what I already saw on your profile, I can tell that you are an interesting man. Do you think I am an interesting woman? I can tell you from now, I am more than interesting.
You should know some things about me, before we start talking more. I live in ……….., I am a strong and independent woman. I have lost my husband 17 years ago, and since then I haven’t really found anything serious. I work as a sales specialist for a company that makes dishes, and I travel for work sometimes. That is why I have an open visa to go to Europe and USA. I also have a son, he is already grown up. That isn’t a problem for you, right? I just wanted to be very honest with you from the start, Mario Kenny. I hope you can appreciate it.
Now tell me some things about yourself, Mario Kenny. I see that you live in FL, how do you like it there? Have you been born there, or you moved from somewhere else? Do you like to travel? And what is the most important thing that you look for in a woman? Do you think if we start communication, it can lead to something great?
I will be waiting for your letter, let me know if my letter made your day better!
Hoping to hear from you,


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