Passion knows two friends, love and freedom, or it dies

I wish with a first touch you`d melt, love, captured you in splendid disarray. You lose control, I grab your heart, set it free. A free heart becomes mine forever. Passion knows two friends, love and freedom, or it dies. Trapping passion is futile, if the birds never come back to you, they were never yours. To find the peace you so crave you must surrender your heart, less you never find it, money cannot buy it and water or fire cannot wash it away or burn it. You have to want peace, even if you do not know quite what it is, have you ever wanted something specific but did not know what it is? Love will last forever, and no one can steal this love from you, no matter what they do, say or have, the love needs no protection, it is powerful onto itself. Love consumes any other entity far and wide.

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Look at your wealth it fills you visual life, but in the silence of your night, aloneness and avoid consume you with the bitterness of sadness. Love cannot live in a world of illusion; it needs attention, caring and smiles, you have to work to get love, the passion is a gift which rides on love. That wholesome embrace fills your pot of gold with a passion untold. When you find the love you have to look it in the eye, see its debt and lay yourself at its sweet embrace, it wants blind, empty a surrendered soul. Then it fills you up forever with a priceless embrace; passion is a precious gift which can make you smile and grant you wishes you never knew you had I prove every day, with my life. I gave myself to love, and it gave me what I wanted, then I became entangled with an illusion which confused me. I do not want to battle monsters again I simply want to find a true love will let me find the freedom I so crave, the love I will cherish till the day I die.


About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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