A funny Man

Several people told me the following Mario you are: A funny man, you are a horrible man, you are fake, I love you, I want to marry you, I want to live the rest of my life with you, I love your name, I hate you, I will never speak to you again, I want to always be your friend, I want to be your wife forever, know what? I agree with you, now can we get with the affair of the day? the party is over long before it started, I copied out, got scared shit-less, there will be no naked women running around my house, no free sex, and my dreams did not come through yet, so the question remains will you marry me? or be my girlfriend? or give me what I want? [ because you will never be able to give me what I do not want] or all of the above, or let’s simply forget the whole thing and go back to misery, because I am the stunning result of insufficient love and improper passion. My main concern is how much loving, pamper, out-right endless sex [until I drop], what will it take to re-seat my consciousness again in a fashion where I can be content?


About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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