Foreclosure Mills Don’t Know Their Client

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If a lawyer goes into court claiming he represents X when in fact he never had any contact with X, was never retained by X and is not being paid by X, he is misrepresenting his status and that of X. The fundamental problem is that the lawyer has shown up without a client and X is not present. In judicial states this is simply a matter of jurisdiction or lack thereof. With X not there as Plaintiff there is no case to be decided.

When a lawyer files a notice of appearance but does not appear, it has its own consequences on the lawyer (Sometimes) and certainly on the party designated as the Plaintiff (A designation that is in most cases FALSE.)

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  1. Thank you, Neil for performing the duties of a just lawyer by informing the public; to add to this: from ABA – Disciplinary Rules -DR 1-102 Misconduct.
    (A) A lawyer shall not:
    (1) Violate a Disciplinary Rule.
    (2) Circumvent a Disciplinary Rule through actions of another.
    (3) Engage in illegal conduct involving moral turpitude.

    Maxim – False in one thing, false in everything. Commonwealth v. Billings, 97 Mass. 406; Mercer v. Wright, 3 Wis. 645; State v. Williams, 47 N.C. 257; Dawson v. Bertolini, 70 R.I. 325, 38 A.2d 765, 768.


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