Ocwen Sued by Multiple State and Federal Agencies

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The CFPB complaint makes it easy for lawyers to put together private actions for violations of federal law and with few revisions violations of state law. You have a template here that will go a long way toward establishing credibility to homeowners who are victims of intentional malfeasance by servicers, master servicers, trustees and others. At the very least this data in the lawsuit firmly establishes that there was reckless indifference to the consequences visited upon homeowners and the investors whose money wat at risk.

Ocwen pursues the goal of foreclosure at the behest of banks that have no actual interest in the alleged loans. These lawsuits represents actual findings of misbehavior in the “servicing” of purported loans including wrongful foreclosures. It is a pandemic problem not limited to Ocwen. At some point, perhaps now, the question that needs an answer will be answered: Why pursue foreclosure at all costs…

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