I am glad for the teachings of the Universe.

I am glad for the teachings of the Universe.
It thought me so many things about daily life,
The information it gives me makes my day every day.

I cannot imagine what I would have done without the universal knowledge.
I am forever thankful,

I want more I wish a special super-crash course,

But daily is super fine I get by with a smile every day,
who needs unhappiness?

Though I can dabble on the edge and not get in trouble,

It gave me that too,
A good luck and cunning like no other.

Not having a care except to be happy is so nice to know,
I can suck up whatever comes and nothing matters except what does,

It is personal, that is the best part,
like that cherry up top.





copyright 2017


About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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