Sciatica, my personal experience

It was an early morning attack on my right leg which came without cause that started my first ever journey of excruciating pain with the sciatic nerve.

Suddenly my right leg was cramped and became totally limp. I did not know what this was and such a pain I did not know. I had never been sick in all of my life.

I am a lifelong vegetarian and I eat very well, so who would think that such a horrid pain would suddenly take such a centre stage of my life?

At first, I thought this pain would be gone the next time I woke up, wrong I was dead wrong, the following seven weeks drove me to suicidal thoughts and pain which brought me to tears.

I am a very active person but suddenly I became bedridden at a moment which I know to be the best times of my life.

A personal devastation befell me I thought I would never walk again, that the pleasure of living was no longer mine to enjoy, the sadness of a destitution filled my whole life and I forgot about being eternally happy.

About 14 days passed before I could make it see a medical doctor. I went to my home clinic at the Miami Beach Medical health centre. I met with Doctor Deborah Kim., MD, she rocks, by the way, she began with giving me a few pain killers and muscle relaxants.

I have always had a deep dislike for MEDS being the health freak I am, but this magnitude of pain drove me to drink whatever pill the Medic gave me.

Weeks passed and the pain subsided somewhat but did not stop I became angry and very unhappy.

My good friend sent me some Foot Cream from Realtime Pain relief, that helped my feet a lot.

The pain started in my hip, went past my upper and exploded with hurt in my lower calf and ended in my foot with bombs of pain like I have never seen.

As the time slowly passed I began to get a handle on the manner of treatment I needed. The meds helped but were not enough.

Marijuana was my best relief ever, that I did before I slept. I went to the emergency twice, where I got steroids by injection and the pills, those worked a wonder, but wore off to leave me high and dry with pain.

My goddess daughter came home to give me love and care of love, that helped me so much. Moreover, though the pain did not let up completely.

In the dead of night, I would cry a river of pain all alone for hours on end, that was so much unhappiness in my sweet life.

My doctor gave me a referral to my chiropractor, he adjusted my hip well, but this was not the correct thing to do I decided.

I can tell you this if I did not have the Obama Care I would not be writing this blog tonight, the ACA made my care possible concerning the cost.

As the time slowly went on I found the answer to my care. A friend of mine from Canada told me that Magnesium helps.

The key was hot baths with Epson Salts and 1000 mg of Magnesium per day, this stopped the pain, the muscle began to relax, the exercised helped to buy I am not much for exercise though I did do them.

I began to do the hot baths and the Magnesium, this arrested the condition and began to progressively do away with the nasty condition.

After the bath, I would use SALONPAS a gel patch with LIDOCAINE 4% and I could sleep like a human again.

I changed my bed in the process I purchased a slab of firm foam from the upholstery store.

Pressure or tension and hate help the condition to persist, sleep and no work is where it is at.

I am very thankful for the help, health is greater than wealth any day.

There were times when I was ready to die.

I love life but I cannot do pain. I truly believe that this horrid condition is a classic magnesium deficiency.

I thank my wife, friends and others  who helped me with words, deeds and love.


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I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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