Sub-Prime Mortgage Servicer Ocwen fabricates Mortgage Documents

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Ocwen is the bottom-feeder of mortgage servicing companies.  Most survey’s rank Ocwen as the absolute worst in customer service and accountability including consumer research by J.D. Powers.  Ocwen acts as a debt-collector and our experience at LendingLies is that Ocwen often cannot identify the true creditor or provide any documentation demonstrating who owns the loan.  Ocwen then resorts to fabricating documents and obfuscation to keep the borrower in the dark until they can successfully foreclose.  Why is the CFPB and Multi-State Mortgage Committee not investigating the fabrication of loan instruments?

Last year we had a client from Texas contact us who was dealing with Ocwen.  He had pulled his paperwork and discovered that his loan was one of the Taylor, Bean & Whitaker (TBW) fraudulent transactions, there was no evidence that the note had ever been endorsed, and there were no assignments from TBW to Ocwen.   To overcome these…

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