Sprint Heights Group, a Nifty Scam

I allege that Sprint Heights Group has to be a very nice looking scam, but it fails. I will update soon.

More info coming soon.

via;  http://www.sprintheightsinc.com/about.html

This is a pure scam, they send you a check for a service but they also want you to send them money in advance.



“I received and email from Amy J Westmoreland (resource@luminarypeak.com.
Looking for payroll processing officers to print checks for companies. I responded to the email, I told them I was interested in this job. Amy (??) in turn sent an email outlining the items I will need for this job, which is a computer and printer, express envelopes from USPS 200-300, express envelopes from FedEx 150-200, blank white paper, ink and blank check stock. They will purchase the checks if you can’t afford to get them, and will help get envelopes because they are all free to pick up. They also offer to reimburse you for any expenses that you have from this job. Then a month after you send in the first batch of checks you will be paid $1000.00, so hey sounds pretty good right no expenses and you make money.
I almost did this until I went to the post office and they told me the it cost $23.95 to mail one of the express envelopes. I thought how could any business pay that kind of money to mail about 100-200 express envelopes a week and pay some a grand to print checks.
I started checking into the website online LuminaryPeak Solutions Inc, 9912 E Pinnacle Peak Rd, in Scottsdale, AZ and sure enough when I looked it up you can’t call anyone, if you look on Google maps, it is not a real address just nothing (look it up for yourself), so I emailed them and told them I need a real phone number, and I was going to have their business investigated for fraud. I have heard nothing back from them. So pretty sure this is a scam.”




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4 Responses to Sprint Heights Group, a Nifty Scam

  1. Just got my check, at which point the scam was confirmed.

    It’s nifty and new, I’ll give them that. Spending $10 a victim isn’t that bad – 1 in 30 at least?

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  2. Here and Now says:

    I agree nifty, a great scam. I lost my check and the stuff which came by fed ex, nice stuff to post here.


  3. Karl Hassel says:

    I received a survey offer from Spring Heights Group by email. They wanted me to choose to accept an offer to investigate a service “Walmart to Walmart Transfer” at any of the local stores in my area. I sent a reply email I wanted to know more of the details before I accept. The following week I received a check for $2200 dollars, by USPS Express. Included in the envelope were instructions on how to do the survey. I was to cash the check and take $350.00 for myself then with the remainder pay a $50.00 service fee at a Walmart Store and send $1800 dollars to an officer of theirs located in Bedford, Texas 76022. I was to evaluate the agent’s performance during my experience. Faith Towers explained the survey was being done due to customer complaints. What struck me as being suspicious was they were using an officer’s name which was my last name and a first name “Donald”. I knew it was a fictitious name and became concern with even attempting to send that much money to a recipient I did not even know. Then I realized I didn’t even know the credibility of the survey group. I sent back an email “I did not want to do this” I never received any more emails from Spring Heights Group.


  4. I just received an email from them about a survey and there was no survey in the usps express envelope. I emailed them and they gave the directions to use Walmart2Walmart to wire someone in Texas $1500 dollars and keep the rest. If I did deposit it, not to keep it in my account longer than 48 hours. There is hardly any information about Sprint Heights and they just started their website last month or in March. A friend suggested that they probably change their name frequently so that they won’t be caught.


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