What I know about consciousness


Religious people are intrinsically Bigots because of an identification with a specific religion, as opposed to another, a religious preference, and therefore is without a tolerance for another religion. All religions must be abolished, for there to be a real peace amount humans. In my opinion, religious people are extrinsically ignorant to the facts of human and universal life and existence. Personally, I dislike associating with highly or sometimes mildly religious people, for some the above reasons.

Death does not exist, it is the relationship of the human body to this earth if death existed all life would cease, in the instant when a body stops functioning, another form of life takes it over the microbes spawn life, new life. Religion offers no answer to what happens in the transmission of separation of the body to life, no one wrote a book and no one came back to tell us what happens, millions of years passed. Life can never die, the universe is without a boundary, it is beyond infinite, no one has this extent of imagination or knowledge. The universe is inside every human. All formats of life are the exact same, the atom which composes the standard same elements of life, when divided has the same equal qualities, in never ending longevity. This is why religions did not work after so many thousands of years, a book and a dogma cannot describe infinity which is the building block of all life.

Religion cannot address consciousness, it is ignorant of it, this is what you refer too, you call it a soul, other religions call it by different names. There are questions where the answer are feelings, these feelings cannot be communicated to each the other. They must be felt, a book or dogma cannot deliver this answer, because paper and belief cannot understand feelings and cannot teach it. If someone is able to gain access to the life which is resident in every living being, the answer to eternal existence will be felt. A close examination of the atom shows a stunning similarity to every other atom in the known universe, life is abundant and it recreates itself perpetually forever, life is immortal. Religions are clubs, like political parties or a race.

On the other hand, the words I write are my personal experience, these are not found in books, go ahead and google any part of any of the sentences. I have long disassociated myself from all religion. I know it to be unpleasant and I also know it to be the cause of all wars and continued separation of humans, surely I can only speak for myself. I have no authority, right or want to teach anything to anyone, but I like to write my rants, just for practice. I can tell you something and I cannot prove it to you, but I have accessed the life force which resides inside my own body and I use it daily for many things, it is a secret I cannot describe I acquired it and I can state this quite egotistically with privilege. Admittingly and I agree that someone cannot fathom this sort of thinking in a flash, this could take several years of applied effort and those efforts are personal for the each person. I do not have all the answers and I do not think I need them all, but I do practise the death of mentality often sufficient to allow an understanding coming from an experience of personal experience. I admire your keen interest and I wish you good luck.

eminds me of an oral examination I had a few years ago, done by dental students. The student took a sample of blood from a tooth and under the microscope, I saw the white cells fighting with other cells and consuming them. I thought why is there a war happening in my body when I prefer peace and practice such?

I began to think that strife exists with all living entities on the planet, plants fight, my mother first brought this fact to my attention when I was little.

Since you know that your body would separate from yourself some day sooner or later I would think you may want to begin to practice this separation before that last event takes place, less it comes to you by surprise, this is the fear of immortality people have, humans, fear “death” because they fail to understand life and its inherent mortality by default.

This is the supreme challenge each individual posses and such is a decision that a person must decide on. I failed to understand why people did not consider that life is simple, you are born, you live and you pass on, there is no complication of these facts.

One day you will take your last breath and I am 100% certain that, that last breath will require every last bit of strength you have, and you will not de successful, because it may be a half breath or none at all.

Regardless what caused your demise of life, the breath is the last to leave the body. I will not ask you to believe me, but I saw my beloved dog die, in the instant, and I saw his energy leave his body, so much so I praised it, in that very instant.

I recognized life in departure and I called it out. If you are to evolve, and you should want this for yourself, you will need to find the answer to your question[s] or else you would have passed like the hundred of billions of humans who passed in ignorance or fallacy.

Consider the thought for a moment that you may lack the tools to uncover the life which you so love when you look at yourself in a mirror, you love yourself on the outside, but you continue to neglect the yearning you have had inside, for an answer you seem not to be able to find or you think you do.

This turns into a book every time, but it is so simple that you cannot talk about it, but with one or a few words, you have to love yourself, to find yourself, to touch it, you know atoms can communicate, and they change how things work in very simple but powerful ways.

One fact is for sure if you want something enough you will find it because life wants you more than you want it, it gave life, you did not knowingly ask and it gives you life while you look for it….the problem when we lose something, it normally is where we left it, we call it lost.

These Russian scientists use special cameras and they have demonstrated life ascending the body at a passing, the energy displays an array of myriad color. I recall blue and red but many colors, large gushes of energy I totally understand this to a limited extent. but these thoughts are passing the important subject matter. I know for a fact, that you can enjoy the love you can give yourself, more than anything you know, or have known, to me it is too simple, the magic of knowing life is real, to me it is, and I can say this all day and I sometimes do. I have never spoken to anyone at this length about this private subject in many years. I only address this when someone sparks an interest. I have no dog in the race to do anything or make any bets. I know love, the love that keeps me kind. I know my monsters and I control and destroy them as they impede my progress. If you found true love, hate is always at your door very close, the more love you find inside, the more I seem to have to protect, like having a lot of money, you have to guard it against the thief, so is life. With regard to the out of body stuff I had that when I used LSD, in my 20s I could see through walls and predict the next instant and shit, but the love is about life, in the body, you will leave the body, no rush. Try to stay in your body for now and try to find what makes you live, or want to live. I hold that birth is accidental, you are lucky to be alive and you are very fortunate to have questions or concerns, most people do not.

I use the double edge sword, it cuts in any direction, haha, am if you did not find it, you were not looking for it, and no one can help you, but if you wish to communicate with eternity, ask it when you are in that intimate moment of love when you are alone, the universe will hear you and it has great mercy, a very kind being, it protects you, makes you whole, you may have to completely change your life and lifestyle but the gift of eternal love will be yours as a just reward.

If you are sincere with eternity it opens all the doors for you, wow I cannot believe I am writing this, look, you can help yourself, but your mind will eventually destroy you if you fail or if you did not help yourself, if you try with failure you will pay, sorry to say that, but this is what I have seen personally, from my own history of the examples I have seen. Ammm you have the keen ability to succeed, we all do as humans, this is the privilege we have. It is a magic that you can control if you have the tools.

I do not have the answers, but I know myself and we are all the same I think..some people seem to evolve faster or more than others. I do not know. I make magic..and I passed the magic to my offspring, though they never quite know it.

I am very sure of myself and I chose the lifestyle which suited me best. I control my limits and decide on those limits. My friends add to the wisdom, some of us were lucky, I think and it worked for me. I can talk and write a lot I practice that, but in the end its quite as simple as, and is the breath, you have to figure out the riddle of life. Sometimes I get confused and contradictive of myself and all others.


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I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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One Response to What I know about consciousness

  1. Mario, friend; thanks for the pleasant read; it was written from the heart; and, yes it all happens in that last breath, the 19th breath; one’s intent determines the next stage; there are many who have been to the other side and back; some a few times; but, humanity won’t believe them, so they only share with those who ask; read a 10 page doc: “transitional states of consciousness” by Tom Kenyon; be blessed


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