Thumbtack, Wardrobe Consultant, Tailors, 33138, Alterations. Image Consultant. Happiness is the new RICH.

Thumbtack, Wardrobe Consultant, Tailors, 33138. Image Consultant. Pants Hems in 2 hours Basic $35.00 each., *** Cell  # 786 274 0527  ***


All the money in the world cannot buy happiness.

Happiness is the new RICH.

In these times going back to basics should be everyone’s mantra;  Basic Customer Service, Basic Respect for others, Basic Self Image, Basic Good Manners and remember, because all the money in the world cannot buy happiness. Being happy is, therefore, the new RICH. I can advise you how to develop a sense of style and class and better yet, the right way to convey it to others.

The way you walk, carry yourself, your smile, grooming, and your attitude toward others, are all taken into consideration, you need to look happy and content with your life, you need to feel it, and let it shine out, your image speaks to others for you.

A dynamic look will give you more self-confidence and help others to have more confidence when they see you.

I am a Tailor in Miami. I am an Alterations Specialist, which means I make clothes work on your body giving you more choices to purchase Garments. I am a Fashion Designer by trade. I can come to your location, or you can come to my workshop with your clothes and ideas, and I will fix them for you.

I was a Fashion Dresser in the Los Angeles Fashion Mart, where I dressed the Models for the Cat Walk of many top designers.

If you need to change the way you look, add to your looks, or simply get a variety of looks I can help you. If you are individuals or corporations, I am sure you have wisely realized a need for the right image and the maturity to accept valuable unbiased feedback.

I have worked as an Image Consultant successfully with Hotels, Rock Bands, Hospitals, Realtors and more; the results are self-evident – those who make the investment and commitment in improving their perceived image – and perception is the reality – have come out winners.

If you are wondering which dress or suit you should wear to your next red carpet or how to improve your company’s image and customer service wonder no more, I can help you to dress your best.

Let me explain first; you can search my name on Google, and you will be able to verify my name, my address and telephone number 786 274 0527 with email:

I go to the homes and offices of the clients to conduct first fittings, and I deliver the finished Garment back to the customer.

In short I can help you to change or add to your look, and I am also able to fix the garments, should they need fixing, at a cost per alteration.

I cannot give you a proper fare quote until we communicate what it is that you specifically need. I hope you choose me to help you
thank you very much for your time.

Miami, Alterations, Original Fashion, by appointment, Miami 33138, 33141, 33161, 33147


About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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