How and why gravity is electromagnetic attraction

the universe and man


Sir Isaac Newton’s gravity force can be described as a force of electromagnetic attraction; that is not only compatable with Einstein’s gravity and relativity, but actually provides credible causality for it.

1)… Introduction… Sunlight (the speed of light) takes approximately 8.3 minutes to reach the earth, so that when we see the sun in the sky, we are not seeing the sun where it is now, but we are seeing the sun where it was 8.3 minutes ago. Sunlight does not point back to the sun’s true center of gravity, whereas gravity always points back to the sun’s true center of gravity. So if gravity is radiation it is instantaneous, propagating so fast (infinite speed) that it reaches the earth instantly, before the sun moves in the sky…

The equation for Sir Isaac Newton’s inverse square law of gravitation, described “gravitational radiation” that propagated at “infinite speed”; and…

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