The State of Florida poised to make millions from the terminally ill.


Amendment 2 was voted into law with 71% of the voters in favor of the amendment, but to me and based on what I think I know its just a sham.

The bill seems to allow a person to pay the State and a Doctor for a permit to purchase Cannabis from a Dispensary.

The person must be terminally ill to get the permit.

There is no right to grow your own after 71% of the people voted in favor.

Let me just sum this up, the State is poised to make a killing from terminally ill people.

Can we please vote the people out of office and fire those who are not doing what we want them to do?

The mid-terms are coming next.

Particularly disturbing is that the city like Boca Raton decided to cancel or put on hold the amendment which was voted in until further notice, can we also cancel the whole elections then?

Is this a country of laws?  or can certain people just do whatever they want? Pay to Play worked and we got the nasty end of the stick plus we will pay for it with hard earned money.

Seems like Trump is right, can he “Drain the Swamp in Florida too?




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