A Hacker, a Spy changed America forever.


I have not heard much chatter about the effect of WikiLeaks on electing Trump, but I think a discussion should take place regarding the importance of whistleblowers.

Assange targeted Hillary because if she was elected Julian Assange would be a dead man.

Trump, on the other hand, wanted to be president so he too wanted to take Clinton down, the issue is Trump had little on Clinton, unlike Assange who a lot of dirt on Clinton.

The two men had an enemy in common. We all saw how hard it was to vote Hillary out she was a great fighter, the problem was that Hillary had many problems which followed her to the ballot box.

I doubt that Trump would have won the elections without WikiLeaks and likewise to a lesser extent Anonymous, for instance in the run up to the end of the campaigning Trump used information from WikiLeaks daily in his website to fight Hillary.

Interestingly, WikiLeaks was a part of the Trump campaign team and Assange was more credible and had more important interesting news than CNN for instance, it was the spy  Julian Assange who played an  important function in Trump`s election.

I think it will be interesting to see how Trumps deals with Julian Assange going forward, my reasoning is that if Assange is given a pardon will he be able to continue being a whistleblower?


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