Will Trump thank Julian Assange?



Will Trump thank Julian Assange?

Let me tell you a short story a great teacher told me;

A Magician did a trick where he placed a sharp sword down his throat, he first learned the trick looking at Pelicans eat fish, one day someone asked him ” how did you learn to do this trick, Sir?” The magician replied.” I invented my Trick”, the very next time the magician  performed his  trick the sword killed him.

Something about a time-tested criminal cabal being dis banned or scattered makes me feel excited.

A political up- start taking power from the comptrollers?

How is this possible? was WikiLeaks that powerful?

Is the exposure of Truth so powerful that it can change world,  financial and power structures?



I hope Trump frees Assange and the other whistle-blowers. These people risked their lives to stand up to a time-tested established cabal.

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