Florida Judges Did a Hillary on Home-Owners



I allege;


We have seen this before, many times, the system is rigged against us, it really is. The Judiciary presented itself with  a case urgent to the Banks. based on the Pay to Play game.

The cause was fought out in several courts around the State, all concluding the desired bedrock of the construction, to the desired stance required by the Banks, it is that simple, this is the Hillary-Effect.

We expected this but it is so shocking that our courts would do this to ius, such injustice.

Abolishing the Statute of Limitation was a dictotorial thing to do, the payout must have been good I could only suppose. I hope the facts come out soon, based on the Hillary effect the strike should be hard and fast, lets see.


I am in shock because of the Florida Supreme Court case of Bartram and the Florida Statute of Limintation, the judges ruled for the banks, who would have thought?

The constitutional rights of the mortgagor  did not seem to have any representation, the Judge twisted the whole case in any which way to arrive at the desired pre-planned design.

Shameful on the Florida lawyers in a way, the SOl was a cash cow of income for lawyers, easy money in the pocket for each case, a whole lot of money went under the table, plus atty fees after a dismissal based on SOL.

This is spilt milk now.

I am sending tapeworms, the fleas of a thousand camels and anon to snoop on, invest with hookworm, dog ticks, and other unknown parasites.

I will open the Santaria Black-box letting out the spells of the black witches, and demons.

I am delivering my best most powerful VooDoo to dispell this.


Conspiracy theories are based on three (3) Pillars;

  1. What goes up must down
  2. To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  3. That which can go wrong will.

Therefore, every action and reaction are subject to all of the above.

Now, in the instant when the Conspiracy theorist understands Pillars 1, 2, and 3, he must also realize that each BREATH he takes, and the BREATH he takes in the instant being lost, is the most Important Conspiracy Theory, remaining largely unsolved.

We note that the most “Important Conspiracy Theory” is without pillars, therefore we create pillars out of the BREATH, as we go along.

The most efficient conspiracy theorist must cause the shit he fabricates out of thin air, up to come through, barring which everything is worth zip.


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