Has Julian Assange been Removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy by a State actor?


The morning started with WikiLeaks posting that cops were parked outside the Embassy in London where Assange is held up.

ADDos attach ensured, the attach looked like  a false flag attack, not a Wikileaks attack, they are attacking DNS servers, every device that does not have a security shield, then the attacker used the divice to stage an attack, a malware coded to take advantage of networks with weak security, it tries to hack its way into anything with a wireless connection, computers, smart phones, modems, iPods, home security systems, cameras, dishwashers (because apparently those are wireless to now), etc. Once in the malware uses the device to send the signals that ultimately breaks the internet.

  1. Did the empire strike back taking Assange?
  2. Did the establishment throw Clinton under the bus?
  3. Will a President Trump prosecute the man who afforded his rise to power?

There are rumours, that Assange is detained by the US “Alive”, that the British authorised the apprehension, that Assange was dealing with Putin and the FSB. The attack on the Ecuadorian Embassy was justified as being in the interest of the UK national security. Seems to allege that it was the UN who cut the internet.




The curious pictures emerged where WikiLeaks site seems to have been hacked on Twitter, where Assange is referred to as Mr Assange, that he alive and the post stated that it was wiki-leaks who did the attack, but this too was to be a hack on WikiLeaks Twitter page.



” Further Further conformation: Stochastic Terminator algorithim. was launched last week following the above release. (Pressure lead to Contingency Planning).

Stochastic Terminator algorithim. RANDOM END CODE.

Wikileaks 3hrs ago.


Assange has to contact them in a proof of life appearance, this is the signal that a truckload of documents is coming. I think I saw the codes earlier somewhere, but they were too complicated to understand.

No one has seen Julian Assange since the United nations ordered to cut the internet off from the Embassy.

There was a Chemical spill in London where the Embassy is London near the airport, the whole place was closed off.

Military police allegedly descended on the embassy, seized Assange and somehow compromised the WikiLeaks website and took it over.


updates coming soon



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