MERS: Fake organization sues pranksters pretending to be MERS

This is perfect, proves the point we have been trying to make for so many years


LRM-Jack London Mail The mail store where the prank MERS had its mail sent.

Ah, MERS—the “mortgagee of record” on some 62 million + mortgages.  Their very business model is fakery, in that they claim to be the “beneficiary” or “mortgagee” of these millions of mortgages, when they know that they are in fact not the beneficiary because they don’t make loans and aren’t owed any money.  Texas judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos, for instance, memorably saw through the chicanery of MERS in a 2013 order:

1. “MERS does not, however, hold any beneficial interest in the deeds of trust, and it is not a beneficiary of the deeds of trust.  It is merely an agent or nominee of the beneficiary.” (p. 14)

2. “By having itself designated as the “beneficiary under the security instrument” in the deeds of trust presented to the County Clerk for recordation in the County’s…

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