What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You(and Why) Part 1

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6 June 2016

The Mainstream Media isn’t telling you something. That is the failure to report on real issues. Let’s see why that is the case.

All the outlets, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and more focus almost entirely on the “horse race” which is the current Presidential election cycle. Since the cycle kicked off last summer, it’s who is winning or who is losing. They would much rather spend a whole week dissecting the outrageous new comment from Donald Trump than climate change or how to rebuild or economy. The MSM in this country cares about ratings rather than facts, which is why they’re doing what they’re doing. To be honest, they’re system isn’t helping ratings, which I’ll get back to later on. Let’s go back on why the Mainstream Media doesn’t report real news.


Why isn’t the media reporting on the real issues? It’s quite simple. Corporations own…

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