David Dayen: The Foreclosure Sleuth

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How a sports agent uncovered the greatest financial fraud in American history.

New Republic contributor David Dayen’s book Chain of Title focuses on three individuals in South Florida—cancer nurse Lisa Epstein, car dealership worker Michael Redman, and Lynn Szymoniak, a lawyer specializing in insurance fraud—who stumbled upon the biggest consumer fraud in American history. They did so after they fell into foreclosure, and realized that all the documents they were sent by their mortgage companies—the evidence being used to kick them out of their homes—were fake. It turned out that the industry broke the chain of title—the chain of ownership, really—on millions of securitized mortgages, and were using false documents to cover it up.

As they researched this, they discovered that they were not alone. In fact, perhaps the first person to identify, fight, and broadcast his struggle against the mortgage industry and…

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  1. I bought the book and sound track.First person seems to be telling the truth.Not that the truth sets us free.Im new to all this courpution ,I,ve been a provider for my family my whole life.I guess you would say I just woke up.One enity has CHASE mannhatten servicer,has taken everything I worked my whole like for.As MR. CLOUDED TITLES Says its like making lemonade out of lemons…..took me a while to get that. I was a process finish grinder running 4 machines.I never could get that righty tighty loosey lefty thing.I used clockwise and counter clock wise must be a girl thing. nothing left to take. cant make lemonade anymore.I had a nice 4th OF JULY…..home number three 6/29/2016 made it to court docket….Defendant T form…..Eligibilty under Trust….so GAME OVER , dept securitys who would have ever thought ,


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