Katherine Quittner Miami

I went to an appointment to fit a bird costume, in red, but it must not look like a bird, Katherine explained, she also made the point that she is an older woman, and did not want to show her face, she put her hands round her neck to indicate a turtle neck, she also wanted a over-throw of feathers. I did not make that up.

All red, she made an earmuff with feathers and wanted me to put that on the costume. She also told me that her sidekick wanted to be dressed. She spoke about the sidekick that she was a tall, slender latin girl, she introduced her to me to her as “side-kick.”

I told her on the onset I was going to be in DC for the first week, this was preplanned, that as soon as I got back, I would start her work. Katherine could not wait, she wanted me to do a fashion illustration, for an item she did not want to pay for, while I was in DC.

I went to her home 3 times a total of 2.6 hours I made a sample for her, to try on.

We made changes I purchased 3 yards of fabric for $16.95 each yard and paid $6.00 in parking, plus I spent 8 hours making her the body suit, all for $100.00. She had paid me $100.00 on June 2nd 2016, the bill was $350.00 which she said I needed to break down to $250.00, then she spots me a $100.00

Katherine did not have a budget for her upcoming music video and simply wanted someone like her side-kick, to go downtown Miami, (fifty-minute drive), to get a square inch of fabric for her, so she can see the color, included in the $100.00.

She gave me all the cheap clothes to copy, things she bought at WallMart, asked me for red but wanted Dark Purple; she did not want to cover her face, after all, and wanted to clothes to mingle with the crowd, then she has no budget.

On the instant when I went to her home to do a fitting, she was trying on the clothes in her bedroom and she yelled, get out of my house, I left, in the middle of the fitting.

The whole episode was something you would not like to happen to you.


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