Is New Century Mortgage in Your Chain of Title? Act Now!

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Attention: If you have New Century Mortgage anywhere in your documents you might want to act quickly and obtain your New Century file.  The information contained in your file may help you discover critical information about your “loan”.  Even if you aren’t in Foreclosure we advise you to obtain your file because it may contain data that may help you ascertain what happened to your Note.  Once the files are destroyed by the bankruptcy court, your “servicer” might utilize a document “restoration” service to “fill in the blanks”, if you know what we mean- an indorsement here, and an assignment there.

The Website DeadlyClear sounded the warning.  Apparently New Century Mortgage has been in financial trouble since 2008 when a bankruptcy court examiner discovered a number of “improper and imprudent practices related to its loan originations, operations, accounting and financial reporting processes.”   Not that New Century Mortgage wasn’t…

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