Homeowner Abuse

Dolores Peers

Homeowner lives matter, homeowner lives matter!  Homeowners are human lives across America that matter.  Our government and the courts have ignored the widespread abuse by servicing companies and banks.   Select Portfolio Servicing, U.S. Bank, N.A. as Trustee, and a foreclosure mill law firm  re-create documents for courts across America. The  list of victims scammed and are now homeless continue to grow. Does our government acknowledge the abuse and correct the wrongs?  NOPE! Iceland held the banks accountable and grew their economy.  Our government leaders took money from the big banks and therefore turn their backs on the American people.

Dodd-Frank legislation has done nothing for victims of home abuse.  Wall Street created the scam and was bailed out. Slap slap! Banks later paid fines for their scam and abuse; homeowners were scammed with fraudulent notes, mortgages, and servicing company abuse.

For years now, Judges and retired judges brought out…

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