AHMSI, Homeward, Ocwen Loan Servicing and LPI

Having personal experience, I allege the following;


For many years, the homeowners in the United States have been plagued with the disease of mortgage servicers. These mortgage servicers have employed many viruses into the home owner`s lives, one such is FORCE-PLACED INSURANCE, a formidable financial element which until now have been impossible to make right. This insurance is called Lender placed insurance or LPI.

For the past decade, this LPI has been used as a default mechanism, Ocwen Loan Servicing is presiding over millions of accounts where they are gaining compounded interest on amounts of unlawful money, in a manner which is false and this money is  imposed on homeowners, in addition to their agreed to principal.

The company forecloses on homeowners claiming amounts due and owing in a manner which is false, and the values are incorrect, the principal being requested by Ocwen includes compounded interest on the LPI, which offered kickbacks, commissions, and bribes.

The company goes to court claiming money which is not owed; this is yet another sham.

I have come up with a solution,  I think it is worthwhile to report Ocwen, Homeward, and AHMSI to the Insurance Regulators in DC and in your state, google your state insurance regulator and file a complaint online. Also, the DC Federal regulator has a website where you can file an online complaint.

The company charged homeowners arbitrary, unreasonable and excessive fees for insurance; then it was compounded with the principal and placed on top of the principal amount, what a sham!!

The company agreed to charge borrowers unlawful fees in exchange for commissions, lump-sum payments and other compensation.

The company made a killing on the backs of the American Homeowner, as it acted without good faith in a deceptive way.





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