Know this; the laws in this United States do not work.

He lost the foreclosure fight with the courts, and the bank, an eight-year battle.

The whole legal process was a sham; the court system cannot and will not let the homeowner win, a few wins here and there gives the semblance that we are winning and that the law works, but this is a delusion.

There is no justice, and this is the intent, from the onset, the courts allows the game, they allow the lawyers a chance to make money, to keep the system going, to give us hope, but the truth is, it is a cheap sham, which has stunk a havoc on millions of people in America and worldwide.

The system failed the people, but the people did not know it yet, for it is the money ruling.

TILA, CH7, schedule F, laws on the transfer of Notes, the civil process of law and the Federal laws all failed in the succession of the other, like a qualified foreplan.

The Defence Attorney was sanctioned heavily and faced a disbarment hearing; the lawyer quit the case in confusion.

Know this; the laws in this United States do not work.


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