Dressmaker, Women`s Fashion Design, Bridal Dresses.

I am a unique Fashion Designer I specialise in making beautiful clothing for women using the many years of time-tested experience I have had.

I design and make Bridal Gowns and BridesMades dresses. I also make costumes and dance wear for women.

I operate in my home workshop studio. I see my clients at their location or my studio.

I can make the dress of your dream.

Let me explain how I proceed to make your dress. After the first fitting, I require a deposit which covers the cost of the muslin and patternmaking; this upfront cost is considered nominal, in comparison to the value of your dress.

I then proceed to make the first pattern out of the muslin, when I have this complete I make another fitting appointment with you. When the muslin part of the dress is fitted and complete, then I make the dress to your liking.

The process will take about five several fittings to complete the dress.

I also make lined gowns with trains these dresses also must be fitted several times similar to the way I do Bridal dresses and Bride`s maids dresses.

I am ready to be your DressMaker, your persional Designer. Please call me at 786 274 0527 for a fit appointment.


About Here and Now

I rant about issues concerning foreclosure, real estate law and any topic of interest. Normally my day job is Fashion and Costume Design. I like writing and reading interesting subjects.
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