Learn Tailoring from a Master Tailor.

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I am offering Tailoring classes at my home workshop. I estimate that about 500 or fewer Tailors are operating in the United States, the art is poised to be totally extinct, in a next generation…

I offer the class at $700.00 per course in advance.

I googled Tailoring Schools in the United States I got a sewing class with Kaplan University, an online course.

Today, the average price of a man’s` suit is about $1000.00 for a halfway good suit.

Traditionally, tailors design and alter men’s clothing. However, some may choose to work in both men’s and women’s clothing. Individuals require a basic understanding of sewing and textiles before becoming professional tailors.

They might be self-employed or work for department stores, bridal shops or other specialty stores. Standing and bending for long periods of time might be required. Tailors who are self-employed may spend significant time seeking new clients.

I will instruct you using hands-on knowledge, starting with the most complex functions first, but you must know how to do basic sewing, or I will have to teach you to sew with a sewing machine and how to do hand-stitching with different stitches.

If you are under 18 years old, you must be accompanied by your adult.


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