Trump Says He Will “Threaten Mexico With Nuclear Weapons” To Force Them To Pay For The Wall


At first, I thought, there is no elephant in the room, those are now extinct. I looked at the presidential candidates, all I saw was faeces leaking from their mouths.

I am thinking that my family is correct telling me that “the right wing and the left are the same bird”.

Let the other American people do the Trump or Hillary thing; let these mad people use some more destructive weapons killing a couple more million, for money and power they cannot eat, it is okay to accumalute wealth, none of which exits the grave of the dead man.

Fill up the jails, overcome everyone, maybe it may work for better, I am so tired of the people who have been talking and praying to God for the past 5000 years. If this is true, he is giving them a false message, or they are lying.

I can, in my imagination, trade off with the crashing of the misguided religions, destroying the bigotry, hatred and racism. Let people enjoy their desired civil war, where they can kill off each the other. The banks will scoop up every square inch of land; dead people do not need food or shelter.

I will move to an Island where I can live the rest of my life in peace.

Then I realized it is a pipe dream.

yep, I said all that.


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