The life of a tailor in Miami 33138


My job function takes me to the home or office of the clients who orders the tailoring services offered. I wanted to highlight some of the issues which have long confronted me on the job.

It is important to understand that a Tailor sometimes must get up close to the body to effect these alterations to clothing which do not fit right.

One of the most awkward fittings is the seat of a mans pants; the tailor has to use tiny, sharp, headless pins to mock up the fitting which acts as the measurement.
To effect the repair, this means that the tailor most likely will be sitting on the floor, carefully placing these hard to manage pins along the seat seam of the back of the man
s pants while he has them on.

How awkward is that?

I have long had a personal discomfort with this particular function. Usually, I would apologize, before or while I am doing this needed fitting.

It is not like going to a Barber where he or she touches every strand of hair on your head, sometimes that feels good because it is your head and it is not so intrusive.

But sticking pins into cloth which is in front of the butt of someone is very unsettling I must admit.

I guess every job has aspects which are not exactly comfortable, right?


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