Know the Truth it shall set you free.

Thousands of popes, priests, imams, rabbis, preachers, pastors have died, none has come back to state they found peace or god, or that they met Jesus or Krishna or Budha.


There have been thousands of wars, trillions of disagreements, over the last 200 years, America has elected a new president every 4 years.


People are deluded to think that a new president will solve the problems, this change did not hap[pen in the past, why do we think that suddenly the solution will come from any decision made to elect a new leader? Did you forget the definition of madness? Doing the same action over and over never finding the answer or solving the problem. The answer you seek is inside of you, there is a man in your mirror.

Religions harp their own glory over and over, yet they did not provide the answer to the meaning of human life, why are we here? what is the reason for living? a simple definition of death has not been provided to people. Every second or day or year that passes by is unrecoverable, lost forever.


How many full moons will you see, how many full moons have gone by? how many full moons do you have left?



winning a war is an oxymoron, how can you win a war when it brings suffering, death and destruction? placing arms in the hands of people who do not know internal peace is madness. We have tried this over and over so many times.


If you do not respect your own life how can you be expected to cherish the life of another? Why do you feel that your religious belief is superior to another? That your god is better than the god of another?

When you were born, birth did not come with an instructions booklet, the baby was full of love and happiness, simply wanting to play and love anyone who would give it nurture, the child had no fears, it did not know what country, flag or religion it was born near too.

Have you never seen a rose say smell me? my name is a rose, nor have the Sun know its name, it shines for every man, woman child and every living thing on the earth.
You may call water by any language you wish, but the taste and reason of water remain the same for the king and the beggar equally.

If you knew the truth it will set you free, freedom is free, life needs no assistance to exist, it existed long before the earth was formed, and life will continue forever.


God is not in the sky, no satellite have seen god, and they are seeing trillions of objects in the outer space

The feeling of personal satisfaction is inside you, when you have sex, the fun feeling did not come from the other party, it came from you, if the other party was a bottle, or an animal, a woman or man of colour, or a white person, a Christian, a person who did not believe in your god you will still feel the fun, that is because it is inside of you.


You can use your own imagination to be happy because the happiness is inside the human, if you use drugs and it makes you feel good, this feel good is coming from inside you. The answer is within.


The wars and bicker first start in the mind of the man, they end on the battlefield, so when you see a war on the battlefield you must know it started first in the mind of the man.


People who know peace will never choose war, simply because they would wish to live as long as possible to enjoy this peace.



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