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So many Squatters in the neighbourhood

  On the street where I live there are at least four squats, typically most people will not take notice because the squatters are not the homeless poor, these squatters are much more sophisticated. They arrive at the subject home … Continue reading

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Learn Tailoring from a Master Tailor.

I am offering Tailoring classes at my home workshop. I estimate that about 500 or fewer Tailors are operating in the United States, the art is poised to be totally extinct, in a next generation… I offer the class at … Continue reading

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Yoga Clothes in cotton spandex, Hand made to order any size and colour

    I am designing these Yoga Outfits in cotton spandex, any size or colour, hand made in Miami

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Thumbtack, Wardrobe Consultant, Tailors, 33138. Image Consultant. Happiness is the new RICH.

“All the money in the world cannot buy happiness. Happiness is the new RICH”.   I am a Tailor/ Alterations Specialist, I like to fit the clothes how you like them, sometimes  giving you more choices to alter the garments … Continue reading

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Trump Says He Will “Threaten Mexico With Nuclear Weapons” To Force Them To Pay For The Wall

  At first, I thought, there is no elephant in the room, those are now extinct. I looked at the presidential candidates, all I saw was faeces leaking from their mouths. I am thinking that my family is correct telling … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie

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America Exposed, Donald Trump ,A Documentary That everybody Must See subscribe

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The Mad World of Donald Trump 2016 – Documentary

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Fighting Trump (2011) – short documentary on Donald Trump’s Scottish golf development in Menie

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A Nanosecond for a Universe

  I have seen eternity for less than a nanosecond, hearing a light and seeing the sounds of life. I cannot attest to the bittersweet taste of a plasma river. Infinity has a feeling, a master of perfection showered me … Continue reading

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The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime

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Why does it have to be like this?

  What is it about war and killing that people like?Why have we had so many wars Why have we had so many wars? The governments are not supporting peace, there are no departments of peace in any of the … Continue reading

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A Free Home for every American

The government must give every American a free place to live in our country, stop giving away money to foreign countries, stop spending money on wars and military. A free piece of farmland for every person who wishes to grow … Continue reading

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Real Freedom is free

Real freedom is free, no man can take this kind of freedom away from you, water cannot wash it away, fire cannot burn it, no man can touch it, you do not have to be afraid, you will never have … Continue reading

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Know the Truth it shall set you free.

Thousands of popes, priests, imams, rabbis, preachers, pastors have died, none has come back to state they found peace or god, or that they met Jesus or Krishna or Budha.   There have been thousands of wars, trillions of disagreements, … Continue reading

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The life of a tailor in Miami 33138

  My job function takes me to the home or office of the clients who orders the tailoring services offered. I wanted to highlight some of the issues which have long confronted me on the job. It is important to … Continue reading

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Eric Williams: 25 Years of Leadership


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