Pet Pillows

Pet pillows for that special dog in your life;

These pet pillows are hand-made in Miami from materials available locally. The pillows are a whole bed for the pet, it weighs only 3.5 pounds, stuffed with polyfiber, easy to wash and easy to move around, easy to travel with, chose your size or order your special size, we will make it for you.

36 inches by 36 inches = Medium= $30.00 plus shipping
41 inches by 41 inches = Large=$35.00 plus shipping
50 inches by 50 inches = $40.00 plus shipping


All the pillows are square, all of the pillows have zippers where the outer cover is removable for machine washing, the actual inner pillow is also machine washable.








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  1. Papergate says:

    I have 8 pups – I’d love to see the pillows you have made Mario – put pictures on your site!


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