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I am Mario Kenny I work for http://www.zTailors.com in the Miami. I picked up these trousers from a client on a Sunday and delivered them on the day after, the Monday.


The client was in the south beach. I went to his home, where I did the initial fitting.

The pants is a nice denim pants, which he wanted hemmed with the back of the hem a little longer than the front. You can only get this from a Tailor, the factory will not make this special effect to a hem.


I used double nylon thread,  sewed it by hand, and I ironed it flat on the end. I did as the client requested, sewing the back of the hem a little longer than the front, the pant when   finished looked wonderful. That was easy right?


Then he also had a black stretch cotton pants, he wanted the hem to also be longer in the back, the pant was made of a very thin stretch cloth, so I used single silk thread, yes very fine thread, not as strong, does not take great wear and tear, but I had no choice, because I needed the thread to be fine and also smother  than normal thread.

I could use a small needle. The pants came out looking really cool.


I will continue to post pictures of all of the alterations jobs I do on this post so you can look out for the constant updates, and more pictures.


I really like zTailors, George Zimmer have put out a great idea and I think that this Tailoring system is the future of the best Tailors in the country.



From the business


We’re zTailors–expert tailors at your door. We’re a nationwide network of experienced tailors and we do in-home or office fittings and alterations with free pickup & delivery. Book a quality, local tailor online or via the phone to come to your home or office for a fitting. Once you schedule a time with a tailor, you’ll have your perfectly fitting garments back within a week! With your busy schedule, you deserve a personal tailor to help you look and feel your best. Tailoring is a centuries-old craft, and we recognize tailors for the artisans they are. Tailors are hand-selected based on their abilities and passion for the craft. Our network of tailors go through a rigorous certification process and are insured to handle your garments.

Don’t know what to get tailored? Check out our website for inspiration and learn how tailoring with us works and how to get on-demand affordable alterations in three easy steps.

Established in 2014.

We believe that everyone who cares about the way they look should have a tailor. And every tailor should be treated like an honored professional. zTailors was founded on this very mission. Book your personal tailor and start enjoying affordable alterations for men and women done at your door.


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