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Just a note regarding the Osceola County Forensic Examination …

We just got wind of another letter that was written to the Special Agent in Charge at the Tampa FBI from the Chief of the Fraud Section of the U.S. DOJ, regarding the investigation by the FBI in the allegations contained in the 752-page Report to Armando Ramirez, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County, Florida (read it below):

Letter from DOJ to Tampa FBI

We have not been informed (as of yet) as to whether the 17 cases of certified evidence turned over to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department for investigation have been delivered to the FBI’s Tampa offices.  Since we understand that the wheels of justice grind slowly, it is anticipated that we may still be able to schedule a meeting with FBI officials in early April about the matter.  Obviously, we’ll keep you posted.  Ironically released the day after it was announced…

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