Vladimir Putin accuses Lenin of placing a ‘time bomb’ under Russia

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Russian president blames revolutionary’s federalism for break up of Soviet Union and creating ethnic tension in region

Ed note–a very important piece for those who just can’t seem to think outside the box with regards to Putin and the kinds of shrewd political moves he makes. Nota bene what the piece says concerning Putin ‘carefully weighing his comments about the nation’s history to avoid alienating some voters’–for those who claim that Putin is ‘working for the Jews’ due to his refusal to praise the Third Reich and the fact that he signed a law into effect making it illegal to question the Holocaust, people can now better understand why for him to come out and challenge ideas held sacrosanct by the Russian public (as misguided as they may be) would turn out to be a political disaster that Israel, America, and the West would be all too willing to exploit to…

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