Why the stock market is falling and how they are lying about foreclosures and a “housing recovery”

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One of  our volunteers wrote an extremely good article “This is what the housing recovery looks like?” that I thought I would share with all of you.Before that a few comments:

So how did we get to this point?  Simple — we abandoned the rule of law, removed common sense and ushered in an era of unaccountability. Combine that with several presidential administrations who had no clue about anything happening on Wall Street — and that assured that moral hazard would become moral morass.

So before you read the article below consider this:

  1. Foreclosures are more successfully hidden from view because the banks have better control over the flow in various parts of the country. This gives the appearance of declining foreclosures — except for the 6 million more homes that are going to be foreclosed. Like the fake documents they are using in court, the banks have turned the…

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