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Product Name : In stock 50PCS Ant miner Ant asic 475ghs AntMiner S3 470gh/s Miner BTC Families enjoy mini miners mining BTC experience/free shipping
Unit Price : US $176.09 / ( Piece )
Item Code : 206562088
Canton packing size : 35.0 * 14.0 * 16.0 ( cm )
Quantity : 1 ( Piece )
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 ( Piece )
Packing Gross Weight : 6.0 ( kg )
Packing Quantity : 1 ( Piece )
Catalog : Networking Tools
Returns & Refund Guarantee : Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) when the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller.

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Short Description: Cheap Networking Tools, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:S3 is the ant third bitcoins mining products, mining speed is 478GH/s, the power is 366W. The BM1382 chip, the ant mach
S3 is the ant third bitcoins mining products, mining speed is 478GH/s, the power is 366W. The BM1382 chip, the ant machine S3 with the world\`s leading 28nm of low power consumption, stable operation, HW (global minimum hardware error ratio).
Product features
Independent mining: S3 can independent mining in the setting of finished, do not depend on other servers.
Mute: S3 uses fins of customization, has large radiating surface area. Double fan, lower fan speed to achieve the same cooling effect, significantly reduced noise.
Stability: 24 hours of continuous operation, minimal downtime probability.
Precise: samples detected HW (hardware error) probability is 0.03%, HW is the lowest probability of all bitcoin mill in the world.
High efficiency: the power of mining speed ratio as low as 0.77J/GH, reduce fixed investment power and daily expenditure.
Machine parameters
Machine name: antminer S3
Rated speed: 478GH/s
The power: 366W chip number: 32
The power supply input: 12V DC
Dimensions: 34.14 x 13.64 x 15.74cm (length * width * height, assembly bracket, double fan)
The network connection: Ethernet network interface
Cooling method: before and after the two 12cm fan, custom fins, quiet, low temperature
Product weight: bare metal 5.42Kg
Matters needing attention
Because the PSU efficiency, load, operating temperature and power measuring instrument accuracy, power consumption will vary on the wall
Need to be equipped with ATX power, for 4 PCI-e power supply interface, but only two of them
Chip parameters
Chip process: 28nm
Type: FCQFN56
Chip package size: 8mm x 8mm
The core number: 63
The core voltage: 0.75V
The core frequency: the highest run to 250MHz, to provide a suitable power supply and heat dissipation support
Mining speed: 15.75GH/s
Efficiency: 0.59J/GH (such as reducing the voltage to 0.63V, the efficiency can be improved to 0.40J/GH)


Purchase notes
1, mill has a risk, the investment need to be cautious!
2, mine is different from consumer electronic products in general, but according to customer demand for customized products. This product after sale service policy is as follows, once the purchase, as the policy identity.
1) once sold, not refund don\`t return;


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