NSU, Nova SouthEastern University, Dr Steven Haas, College of Dental Medicine and Patricia Fernandez,

I am writing this article about: The NSU, Nova SouthEastern University, Dr Steven Haas, College of Dental Medicine, Patricia Fernandez and others involved, because I think it is important and proper to be critical of professional service providers if or when they err, in this case, the entities are a respected educational institution, a Dental College, an Administrator of the college, a patient care provider, seasoned dental professors, and under-graduate students.

The errors made in this case are allegedly very obvious, a) a tooth was drilled and filled where there was no cavity or other damage to the tooth.b) a gold crown was fitted incorrectly, unprofessionally and on top of a cavity.c) about nine months later I went back to complain that the expensive gold crown had fallen off I was told to contact the President of NSU, Dr. Steven Haas.

Sometime in January of 2015 I went to the University Dental Clinic at NSU for a Dental Clean of my teeth. I am told I have good strong teeth, well I know this to be true. The fact is I have one tooth that needs work, for this reason I went to the dentists, these Students at the University are the dentists who will be the dentists of the future, they are all in training, supervised by seasoned dentists at the school.

The dental clinic would take clients daily to do several dental functions at the school, the clinic is very modern, clean and is specially equip with state of the art tools to be a very good clinic.

Normally, the cost of the work done at this clinic by students at NSU is very inexpensive, for certain procedures this is a fact.

I had a very bad experience however, this is therefore the feedback of my personal experience with the clinic.

The Students and the Dentist suggested that I put a crown on a tooth after it was discovered that the tooth had a cavity, so I agreed to put some bling, a gold crown, the last tooth at the very back left of my mouth. Upon termination, the tooth looked so lovely I was so happy, but the crown came off in under 6 months, the cost was $1200.00. The Crown was a flat piece of gold colour metal,  flat, the underside of the crown was flat, the part I would never see was simply flat, stuck on with glue on the flat service of the tooth.

Any person with a little common sense would tell you that using the best glue to stick a flat metal on a flat surface of tooth would simply fall of in short order and it did.

Six months later I went back to the clinic with my expensive crown in a plastic baggie to have them re-affix the gold crown which had fallen off. I was told I was removed from the dental program because I failed to timely attend all of my scheduled appointments.

I have asked the clinic to provide me with the dental records of payments, appointments, the names of the student dentists who attended me, the actual dental records and the total cost I paid, thus far I have received nothing from them.

The student drilled out another tooth which had no outside visible problem, yet they claimed that the tooth had a cavity inside the tooth that I could not see, this is untrue, you see the students need to perform certain procedures as a pre-requisite to graduation. I allege they knew there was no problem with the tooth but the student and his supervisor drilled out a tooth that was totally healthy simply to score the grades for a graduation.

I love to support education, but this was an abuse by the school, and surely it constitutes a wrong that can be litigated. I will update this article when I get the information I need from the University, as to names and so on.

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