Published on Dec 16, 2015

Sub for more: | The stakes in northern Iraq have just been raised, and now Turkey has a reason to escalate their military occupation of after more than 70 Turkish troops were reported missing when an artillery attack struck their position, according to Iraqi Kurdish media.

The Slemani Times reports the attack occurred in the Bashiqa area roughly 23 kilometers from Islamic State occupied Mosul.

Initial reports stated the Islamic State was responsible for the attack. Even the Turkish Prime Minister stated they retaliated against the ISIS post who Turkey claimed carried out the attack.

However, ISIS may not have been the aggressor as Shiite Iraqi Militia claimed responsibility.

The barrage of one-hundred and twenty millimeter mortar shells, numbering more than three hundred, were fired at the Turkish installation, against Kurdish forces, north of Mosul.

One analyst indicated that Turkey is lying, by claiming ISIS is the aggressor, to avoid a greater war with Iraq, because he believes NATO has essentially abandoned turkey after they shot down the russian jet.

This attack, no matter who carried it out, will certainly complicate matters in Northern Iraq as the Iraqi government has ordered Turkey to end their occupation.

However, the Turkish military claims they’re there to train Iraqi militia to fight the Islamic State. Iraq has disputed that claim and appealed to the United Nations.

It is plausible the whole event could have been staged by Turkey to justify the deployment of more military forces to the area that could then serve as a forward operating base for the new Saudi led Islamic Military Coalition of upwards of one hundred thousand troops.

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