Does Discharge in Bankruptcy Prevent Borrower From Defending Foreclosure?

Published on May 25, 2015

One of the hottest topics in Foreclosure Defense right now…if a borrower gets a discharge in bankruptcy can that same borrower still contest the case in state court proceedings?
Pay attention to how engaged each of the judges are in the each of them leaning forward, then listen to how precise the questions…and answers are…down to the page numbers and exactly what was said in those transcripts.

There are very serious issues raised in this appeal, but it demonstrates how the issues in foreclosures have been reduced to the lowest common denominator.
A great argument on condition precedent, but the argument again shows that any old alphabet soup entity can come in and testify about anything based on any old records….and walk out with a judgment.
Weidner Law Florida Appellate Court Oral Argument Video

This oral argument video is on the case: 2D13-499

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Sadly, it results in a PCA- No written opinion.
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