Update from Aleppo: “Moderate rebels” on a killing spree

The Wall Will Fall

7th December 2015

An unedited update from a contact living in Aleppo city:~

“It all started around 11:15 am with an earthquake, which was caused by a “rebel” tunnel explosion close to the Gas Factory in Khaldiyyé area. All buildings were shaking from it. Then all types of clashes, missiles, rockets, mortars, and shooting with big machine guns were heard in the background.

Then the jets started bombarding their areas. Then the sirens were heard.
According to news, SAA and allies captured 4 villages in southern Aleppo province, and captured a large number of terrorists from different nationalities.

They almost liberated the international highway toward Damascus in Aleppo province.

In retaliation, terrorists in Aleppo city started their fight back. One mortar hit the Russian Consulate area, killing 3 from the same family and injuring 5 civilians. The tunnel explosion was about the same time or a little bit earlier.

Then random mortars…

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