For the Doubters on TILA Rescission and Jesinoski READ THIS

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NOTE: BILL PAATALO  is an experienced private investigator and forensic analyst. Taking my material to heart and despite being ridiculed by bank lawyers and even some foreclosure defense lawyers, Paatalo took the simple position that once the notice of rescission is sent, that is the end of the matter, to wit: it is effective upon mailing.
The Bank basically took the only road they had available — “That’s ridiculous. Nobody meant for the borrowers to be able to cancel the loan transactions.”
The Court said “Bank, you are wrong. The matter is settled.”
A L E R T | Paatalo v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank et al | TILA RESCISSION | ~OPINION AND ORDER 11-12-2015~ | M-T-D….DENIED | The Supreme Court implicitly rejected defendant’s argument when it declared “rescission is effected” at the time of notice . . . . . The question here…

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