Paris Suicide Bomber Given Fake Syrian Passport by Turkish Intel

Why a Syrian passport? You can’t travel to the EU with a Syrian passport unless you need it for some other reason, like to drop it somewhere to be found.

Paris Suicide Bomber Given Fake Syrian Passport by Turkish Intel

Reports: Paris Suicide Bomber Used Bogus Syrian Passport to Reach France

TEHRAN (FNA)- Intelligence officials have reported that a Syrian passport belonging to one of the eight terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks was a fake, which was made in Turkey and then used for passage through Europe.

A Syrian passport bearing the name ‘Ahmad Almohammad,’ found on the body of one of the eight terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks, appears to be a fake. The Takfiri extremist obtained it in Turkey, intelligence officials reported.


According to some reports, two Syrian passports were found on the bodies of two of the terrorists, but Paris police sources say they were both fakes, Sputnik News reported.

On Sunday, the Serbian newspaper Blic printed a picture of the passport reported to belong to a 25-year-old Syrian called Ahmad Almohammad, who carried out a suicide bombing close to the Stade de France.

Serbian officials told the paper that Almohammad entered Serbia from Macedonia on October 7 and formally applied for exile. He passed a security check for weapons there, and was not armed.

According to recent reports, the fake passport did not contain the correct numbers for a legitimate Syrian passport.

Almohammad arrived in Macedonia after previously entering Greece on October 3. After Serbia, he was registered again at a refugee center in Croatia, after which he reportedly traveled to Western Europe through Hungary and Austria.

Sources in the French police on Sunday reported the identification of one of the eight terrorists who carried out Friday’s attacks, 29-year-old Omar Ismail Mostefai, a French citizen of Algerian origin. Mostefai was one of three gunmen who opened fire at the Bataclan theater, killing 89 people during a concert. The terror attacks on Friday left 153 people dead and 352 injured.


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