Clerks Illegally Bowing to Bank Pressure: Recording the Notice of Interest in Real Property with the Notice of Rescission attached.



712.01 Definitions.

712.02 Marketable record title; suspension of applicability.

712.03 Exceptions to marketability.

712.04 Interests extinguished by marketable record title.

712.05 Effect of filing notice.

712.06 Contents of notice; recording and indexing.

712.07 Limitations of actions and recording acts.

712.08 Filing false claim.

712.09 Extension of 30-year period.

712.095 Notice required by July 1, 1983.

712.10 Law to be liberally construed.

712.11 Covenant revitalization.

712.01 Definitions.—As used in this law:

(1) The term “person” as used herein denotes singular or plural, natural or corporate, private or governmental, including the state and any political subdivision or agency thereof as the context for the use thereof requires or denotes and including any homeowners’ association.

(2) “Root of title” means any title transaction purporting to create or transfer the estate claimed by any person and which is the last title transaction to have been recorded at least 30 years prior to the time when marketability is being determined. The effective date of the root of title is the date on which it was recorded.

(3) “Title transaction” means any recorded instrument or court proceeding which affects title to any estate or interest in land and which describes the land sufficiently to identify its location and boundaries.

(4) The term “homeowners’ association” means a homeowners’ association as defined in s. 720.301, or an association of parcel owners which is authorized to enforce use restrictions that are imposed on the parcels.

(5) The term “parcel” means real property which is used for residential purposes that is subject to exclusive ownership and which is subject to any covenant or restriction of a homeowners’ association.

(6) The term “covenant or restriction” means any agreement or limitation contained in a document recorded in the public records of the county in which a parcel is located which subjects the parcel to any use restriction which may be enforced by a homeowners’ association or which authorizes a homeowners’ association to impose a charge or assessment against the parcel or the owner of the parcel or which may be enforced by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to chapter 376 or chapter 403.

History.—s. 1, ch. 63-133; s. 11, ch. 65-420; s. 1, ch. 81-242; s. 1, ch. 97-202; s. 56, ch. 2000-258; s. 16, ch. 2000-317.

712.02 Marketable record title; suspension of applicability.—Any person having the legal capacity to own land in this state, who, alone or together with her or his predecessors in title, has been vested with any estate in land of record for 30 years or more, shall have a marketable record title to such estate in said land, which shall be free and clear of all claims except the matters set forth as exceptions to marketability in s. 712.03. A person shall have a marketable record title when the public records disclosed a record title transaction affecting the title to the land which has been of record for not less than 30 years purporting to create such estate either in:

(1) The person claiming such estate; or

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The Banks are at it again — using their political power to influence officers of State and County government into refusing to perform ministerial duties required by State statutes.
The Clerks are rejecting any filing of the notice of rescission but some are getting through. It is a good idea to send it in by mail rather than show up in person. It should be a Notice of Interest in Real Property. The letter should appear to be from either a lawyer or title agent. If it looks like a homeowner they will inspect it. If it looks like business as usual then…

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