Hitler on Syria

Hitler speaks about Syria, Russia and the USA.

I should have put Supersonic not Hypersonic in the Video, but I stand by the thrust of the argument that Russia has advantages in key fields i.e. electronic warfare, fighter jets, Air Defence S350/S400/S500, and especially a variety of outstanding Missiles i.e. Russia’s Fast And Elusive TOPOL-M Ballistic Missile, Kalibr Cruise missile with Supersonic Sprint, The 3M-55 Yakhont, a deadly Manpad the 9K333 can strike aircraft at up to 13,500 feet, the KH-35U Uran, The KH-31PM, And on and on. Research it. And there are Hypersonic Missiles, Brahamos & Yu-7 in tests now. In ALL other areas Russia has top equipment, better or parity with NATO, [feel free to fight below] artillery armour, choppers, subs, destroyers. Shes a well rounded team.

The US is like a sports team well past its best, an ex champ. In decline. Big budget, lots of waste. Lots spent maintaining too many bases. Lots of contract graft. Lots of cancelled expensive projects. A surprising number of very average projects that got up. i.e S2. For me the symbolism that sums up the US now is the F35, the ugly fat Sparrow. Imagine it vs Russias latest jets. Game over. Russia is like a team with great form. On the up. Trending. Many are starting to see this fact now. Some never will.


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