Banks Sending Out Satisfactions of Mortgage to Cover Up Crimes

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Darline Spencer hit the bulls-eye once again. Here she talks about how one loan was multiplied into many loans all of which were sold to investors, but resulted in accounting anomalies that had to be covered up. Here is what she says:

Confusing but it appears as I have claimed initially. They took a real Mortgage and ballooned it into 10 mortgages and used them to move elicit funds thus when you research the accounting part of it you find trustees and investors have been paid even if borrowers paid or not paid their mortgage. Once the investment banks discover their error on tracking the difference and discovered the originating loans were hanging in the wind and ultimately the FDIC would be enquiring and auditing they had two choices. Send out satisfactory of loans or foreclose.

Multiple individuals I have met with received a satisfactory of loan when in fact…

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