Putin’s Decisive Actions in Syria Enhance His Image in US


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Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (231)

Russia’s stance on Syria strengthened the country’s reputation and helped enhance Vladimir Putin’s image, an opinion maintained by over 65 percent of international relations scholars from the United States, who took part in a recent survey.

More than 56 percent agreed that Russia’s reputation was “somewhat strengthened” and almost 9.5 percent said that it was “significantly strengthened” by the way Moscow has handled the situation in Syria.On the other hand, Barack Obama and the United States, in the eyes of American analysts, have largely failed to score points for their approach to the Syrian crisis. Over 70 percent of respondents stated that the US and Obama’s reputation has been “somewhat weakened” or significantly weakened.”

The survey does not provide additional information on specific steps or lack thereof affecting perceptions of the scholars. Nevertheless, to some extent it could be interpreted in terms of efficient or unproductive decision-making.

Washington has been engaged in a massive campaign launched to destroy the Islamic State and its self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria. Yet, after thousands of airstrikes conducted by the US forces and its allies the group appears to be strong.The US also failed to create a force capable of destroying the brutal Sunni group on the ground. More Western experts and policy-makers seem to agree that moderate rebels are an artificial concept.

In addition, less countries support Washington’s approach to Syria according to which President Bashar al-Assad has to resign in order to bring peace to his country.

The poll was conducted by the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) project at the College of William & Mary in collaboration with the Foreign Policy magazine in late September, with 694 analysts from colleges and universities across America taking part.


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