We are those people who need peace.

It has been a very busy day today for me, normally I awake quite early, when it is still the dark of night. I am able to get meditation done when the music of life is in the air and all the people are asleep. I lead a very simple lifestyle, my work is something I do to earn money to pay the bills and to do the things I like.

I have learnt to cherish a peace inside of me, inside of my body, this peace is a living experience which I came to first know about many a long time ago.

I have tried over the many years to write about this peace, but for nothing am I able to completely explain what it is that I feel.

I use words which I captured from language to talk about the feelings which are felt in the privacy of my quiet life.

I can speak of my experience as it belongs to me. I am very grateful to have come to known this peace and I know I will be forever thankful for the personal fulfilment it ensures me on a very practical level of my life.

Peace is something that is real, it is a freedom inside the human, inside of me. It has been said that a man can be on a raging battlefield yet still feel peace, for the freedom is not dependant on any external stimulant to exist, for it is self existent.

A universal peace in each human, you would only know it when you have recognised it.

Freedom and peace could be construe as one and the same feeling, both are resident in the same inner location. Every human is unique but the one love is a commonality when recognised.

A person will never understand peace, freedom and love unless that individual came to know it, the peace. the freedom and the love are all one and the same, they deliver the same end result.

Confusion is replaced with a clarity of life, it allows you to understand your life and to become better at what ever you do.

People on the earth today are all at war with each other, the hate is evident in every aspect of life, we seem to know more about hate and more about how to hate than to love, we who practise peace have great hope that one day, if it may, will come to see the end of hate and the beginning of love in every part of the earth, however it is not the earth which needs peace, rather it is the people who inhabit the earth, we are those people who need the peace.


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