Defense in Depth » With Naval Strikes into Syria, Russia Is Now Messaging with Missiles

Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

Source: Defense in Depth » With Naval Strikes into Syria, Russia Is Now Messaging with Missiles

By Sean Liedman
The Russian Navy’s initial firing of twenty-six cruise missilesfrom ships in the Caspian Sea into Syria yesterday generated little effect on the Syrian battlefield—but that may not be the primary objective. Russian President Vladimir Putin capitalized on this opportunity to showcase this new sea-based, long range precision strike capability as a strategic messaging tool aimed at a variety of audiences:
  1. The international community. The American monopoly on the employment of long range, precision strike weapons is over. Additionally, even though this strike was executed from the land-locked Caspian Sea, it was a demonstration of Russian naval capability which inherently means Russian global capability. However, the Russians will need to secure access to port facilities for logistics sustainment to deploy this capability beyond the European theater, as I wrote last week

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